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Luxury White

I study
Luxury White

Luxury White was born from an idea by Lucia Cavaliere, founder and creative director of the studio.

We specialize in the design of elegant and "tailor made" interiors.

Among our activities, particular attention is dedicated to the care of the table and the art of receiving. There are many installations and events that we have designed and created with excellent partners.

Our services

The elegance of detail is the search for true beauty in every creation”.
Lucia Cavaliere

You can find our taste in the Interior Design projects, in our personalized installations, and in the special events in which we took part.

Who is

Lucia Cavaliere

Founder & Creative Director

Lucia Cavaliere was born in November 1978 in Salerno where the sea of the gulf meets the rocks of the divine Amalfi coast and its scent of lemons. After two degrees from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, one in Political Sciences and one in Law, at the beginning of his career in a well-known Milanese law firm, he decided to return to his authentic and deepest roots.

He participates in numerous Interior Design courses and specializes in the design of prestigious interiors. Luxury White is his project that talks about returning to the origins. Because Lucia has been a daughter of art for three generations.

Great-grandfather Giovanni owned a weaving factory in Vietri sul Mare and after the war he opened the first linen shop in the center of the city of Salerno. Grandfather Luigi had continued the family tradition by opening new sales points in Campania and in the meantime had made his way among Salerno's builders, contributing to the expansion of the city. Their father Bruno continued the family business by letting his daughters breathe the air of the construction sites and the elegance of the shops. But above all, at the Cavaliere house, great importance has always been given to the art of receiving, the grandparents' house was always open to numerous guests who were received with memorable lunches.

Style and concepts that represent us

“The elegance of detail is the search for true beauty in every creation”

From a distant matrix of textures and fabrics, Luxury White's experience in setting tables and intimate areas of the house is born. 

A profession by vocation, born with the intention of warming prestigious interiors, with a confident taste and with exclusive raw materials and "ad personam" choices.

A continuously evolving project, capable of adapting to different environments, from the city, to the countryside, to charming hotels, yet firmly anchored to that warm ability to "welcome" typical of Mediterranean homes, illuminated by the sun, among the scent of lemons and the white of the thyme flowers in the gardens. Interior design, set design, special events, the desire remains the same: to embellish to welcome.

The Luxury White atelier takes care of all this.


Our history

Emotions and family stories that start from the rocks overlooking the sea of the Amalfi coast. Research and tradition merge and intertwine as in ancient ceramics and in the weaves of cottons and thick linens, stretched on the old looms that gave fame to those ancient artisanal productions.


It was the beginning of the last century when the Cavaliere family opened the first weaving factory in Vietri sul mare. But it was in the 1920s that the first shop dedicated to the sale of fabric scraps opened. A very high quality craftsmanship that remains and lasts, as a guarantee of the brand of origin. A quality and refinement with a whispered tone, never shouted, almost always in shades of white as an expression of the highest range.


In March 2012 Lucia opened the first atelier in via del Torchio in Milan where she explained her concept of a luxury home to all her clients. The numerous admirers of the store have combined the search for quality materials with the high quality of a result that is always "tailor made". Many have decided to choose Luxury White to decorate their splendid homes, the natural evolution was to abandon the atelier to transform the business into a design studio.


Since 2017 the business has proceeded from the Studio overlooking a small courtyard in via dell'Orso 12, an address in the heart of the Brera district in Milan. This is where our splendid projects are born.
A collection of our works


Are you interested in our projects? You can find our taste in Interior Design projects, in our personalized setups and in the creation of special events.

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